Venues at Vista Campus

North Coast is one church with many locations, and Vista Campus is one place with many spaces!

There are multiple options to choose from when selecting where you are going to enjoy the weekend service at Vista Campus, and all vary in size, style, and atmosphere. Whether your vibe is larger and lively or smaller and intimate, classic or contemporary, concert-like or casual, there’s a space for you. Beyond preferences, venues also exist to help the big church feel smaller so that you can see the same faces every week, build a community, and be known by the Venue Pastor in each room.

North Coast Live

The Edge

Soul Gospel in the Warehouse

Outdoor Venue

Ministerio en Español in the Chapel

Traditions in The Chapel

The Family Room

North Coast Live

Contemporary music with the teaching pastor delivering the message live.

Vista’s largest venue features a full worship band with live teaching from the weekend teaching pastor. Worship to contemporary favorites and enjoy the message live in an auditorium-style setting from the main stage.

The Edge

Worshipful atmosphere in a concert-like setting. Featuring the same great weekend message on the big screen.

Dimly lit and ambient, this venue feels like you’re at a concert. Come ready to worship to contemporary music with some energy and a good drumbeat. The Edge is one of Vista’s larger and more lively venues but can still feel like an intimate space.

Soul Gospel in the Warehouse

Soulful, groove-oriented music. Featuring the same great weekend message on the big screen.

Smaller but lively, Soul Gospel features contemporary music with a soulful groove in an industrial setting. In this friendly and homey venue, you are likely to meet some people you might see every week.

Outdoor Venue

Enjoy a live stream of the service outdoors under the covered shade structure on the grass.

This venue features worship and teaching video-streamed from LIVE under the shade, so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the weekend service at the same time! If you like a casual, open, and natural environment, come on out and worship in this peaceful and airy space! 

Traditions in the Chapel

A mix of classic hymns and old favorite worship songs. Featuring the same great weekend message on the big screen.

Aptly named, this venue features more traditional worship music, like hymns and old classics, in a more traditional chapel setting. Smaller, intimate, and friendly, you might feel like you went to a small-town church, right in the middle of Vista Campus.

Ministerio en Español in the Chapel

Live teaching and worship in Spanish

Nuestro servicio está diseñado para personas cuyo principal idioma es el castellano y desean experimentar una unión profunda con Dios y una relación con personas que también desean esta unión con Él. Nuestro deseo es crear una comunidad basada en las enseñanzas de la Biblia, desarrollar seguidores de Cristo y compartir el mensaje del evangelio con la mayor cantidad de personas que sea posible. Puedes esperar un ambiente amistoso, café y bocadillos, música grandiosa y un mensaje de la Biblia que será relevante para aplicar a tu vida.

This venue is designed for people whose main language is Spanish and who want to experience a deep union with God and a relationship with people who also want this union with Him. The Spanish Venue features worship and live teaching in Spanish. You can expect a friendly atmosphere, coffee and snacks, great music, and a message from the Bible that will be relevant to apply to your life.

The Family Room:

A great option for those who wish to keep their children with them during service. The full service live streams from The Edge.

A great way to bring your littles with you to service without worrying about distraction or disruption in a larger venue. Come and worship together in this casual, family-friendly environment, featuring worship live-streamed from the Edge.