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Chris Brown - October 30, 2021

3 - Why God Doesn’t Work Today (Joshua, Rahab, Achan)

Message from Chris Brown on October 30-31, 2021. Have you ever been frustrated by the fact our obedience and prayers don’t seem to be doing us any good today? Or have you ever been frustrated by the fact God doesn’t show up and work today like He did back in the Old Testament? We promise you today’s message will take away both of those frustrations and replace them with a perception that will change your walk with God forever. Video available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/ujt03yXoBP8 - Live Notes available at https://churchlinkfeeds.blob.core.windows.net/notes/38370/note-145811.html

From Series: "WANTED: The Legends That Forged Our Faith"

You may have heard their stories, but have you ever stopped and thought about their impact? We’re picking some of our favorite legends of the Old Testament and looking at the biblical passages that have built a strong foundation for where we've placed our hope. We’ll go far beyond the felt board stories you remember and take a nitty-gritty look at the men and women, good and bad, that have forged our faith.

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