Children’s Weekend Church

January 16-17, 2021

We hope you find these resources helpful in providing your children with church at home! Feel free to select what you think would be appropriate based on your child’s age. Check out the “Get Connected” section below to stay in touch with your campus children’s ministry through social media.

Saturday, January 23 @ 10am at the Vista Campus
All Campuses are invited!

The Vista Campus invites you to join us for an outdoor Gathering for Kids on Saturday, January 23, starting at 10am in the Plaza. This event will include dancing and singing to songs your children are familiar with from their weekend lessons and kid-friendly devotional messages.

Combining the heart of the home with the light of the church, these 10-15 minute lesson videos are the basis for online small groups offered by participating campuses. The lesson supplements are suitable for use with homeschool curriculum.

This month we’ll be studying the book of Jonah and God’s love for all people.  Join us as we create thaumatropes, worship and learn more about obedience.

Our kid-friendly lessons are literally filled with fun and games!

Each lesson includes…

  • ​Worship
  • Bible Stories & Puppets
  • Games
  • Art activities
  • And more!

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Weekend Video