Starving To Serve 2023

Over 300 junior high students from 7 North Coast campuses participated in Starving to Serve and raised over $129,000! That is a new record for North Coast Junior High!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who supported!

North Coast Church’s Junior High students made a huge impact through Starving to Serve! Participating students were asked to raise money beginning March 18, 2023.  Then on March 23 following a dinner with staff and junior high students, the 24 hour fast began, learning the importance of empathy, compassion and generosity.  The end of the fast was celebrated with a huge burrito feast, fun games and just general crazy fun!

Through student participation and your generosity, many local and global nonprofits were blessed with the financial resources needed to continue doing God’s work!  Donations went to Outside the Bowl, student summer camps, and campus specific nonprofit community partners.

How cool is it that young people are willing to practice sacrifice to make a difference in our world?!

See how students celebrated after fasting for 24 hrs!

If you want more info about North Coast Church programs for your student, contact a student ministry pastor for your campus.