Support a Global Missionary

Through our network of global missionaries, you can play a vital role in helping to reach out beyond your community with the Good News! Support a missionary either financially, or with prayer, or both! We are called to love our neighbors and make disciples of all the nations. This is your opportunity!

Each of our worship venues has chosen a full-time missionary to sponsor, and additional information and updates are regularly posted in the back of each venue.



Soul Gospel:


The Message:

Country Gospel:

Last Call:

    • Kevin Boer – National Network of Youth Workers
    • Kyle and Wendy Menig – The Two10 Group
    • Steve and Yumi Barrett – DCPI
    • The Carpenters – The Pioneers USA (account 111299)
    • Alan Shlemon – Stand to Reason
    • Paul and Cathy Becker – Dynamic Church Planting International
    • Steve and Lizzie Donley – Josiah Venture
    • Janey DeMeo M.A. – Orphans First
    • Scott and Terri Last with DCPI
    • Johnnie & Shulan Achord – Multiplication Ministries (Underground House Church – China)
    • Pam Clark – Protecting Our Daughters (POD) provides reusable feminine hygiene products to Kenyan women, no longer receiving government-supplied products due to the pandemic. Many found themselves in significant danger due to bartering for these necessities. POD provides sewing classes to make the products and more. Donations via cash, check, or online bill payment systems can be directed to North Coast Church (2405 N. Santa Fe Ave., Vista, CA 92084), noted for “Pam Clark – POD.”

Ministry Contact

Paul Savona
Pastor of Congregational Care, Senior Adults, Missions


Annette Nelson
Missions Coordinator
[email protected]