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“A Seat At The Table”  |  Teaching Pastor: Larry Osborne  |  Date: June 25, 2022

Today we come to a passage where David shows uncommon (and to his culture, mind-boggling) kindness to a potential rival to the throne. It’s a powerful reminder and foreshadowing of God‘s incredible kindness to us.

Chris Brown - February 5, 2022

5 - Why Pride And Jealousy Plague Our Kingdom

Message from Chris Brown on February 5, 2022. If you thought you knew the story of King David, my hunch is that you never heard this part of it. This is the story that no children’s church has ever taught, but one that carries a lesson for all of us adults to never lose. Video available on YouTube at - Live Notes available at

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 18:1-30

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