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Chris Brown - May 1, 2021

1 - Romans (Part One of Two)

Message from Chris Brown on May 1-2, 2021. If you asked the Apostle Paul to boil down everything he knows about Christ and Christianity into just one book, my bet is he would respond with ‘I already did.' Even though he wrote 12 letters that are found in our New Testament, he only wrote one book entitled Romans. Today we start a two-part overview of that book to see exactly what was most important to Paul, and what should be most important to us as well. Video available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/zPHfxlOxGhc - Live Notes available at https://churchlinkfeeds.blob.core.windows.net/notes/38370/note-135815.html

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Message: Romans- How Culture And Conflict Kill The Church (Part Two of Two)  |  Teaching Pastor: Chris Brown  | Date: May 8, 2021

Around church many people talk about a personal relationship with Christ, but the reality is there is no personal relationship with Jesus that is just personal.  We are adopted into one big family, and that can create a lot of conflict and division which can kill the church.  We have recently seen this played out in our cultural battlegrounds, and today we find out how the church can survive as a dysfunctional family.