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Larry Osborne - November 21, 2020

43 - A Mundane, Miraculous, Messy Life

Acts: Book of Acts

Message from Larry Osborne on November 21, 2020. Jesus said He came to give us an “abundant life.” If that’s true, then why are so few days miraculous, and so many mundane and messy? This week Pastor Larry will explain why - and why the mundane days are so important. Video available on YouTube at - Live Notes available at

Scripture References: Acts 20:1-38

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How are we supposed to live out our new Christian identity while the world around us is in such conflict?  What role should we play in culture and politics if we are citizens of a different Kingdom?  What is wrong with my Christianity when the issues of our society rob me of my Joy and Peace?  These questions and others will be answered in this message when we discover and apply how Paul was able to keep his purpose in the midst of chaos.


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