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“Three Rules for Life”   |  Date: August 13, 2022  |  Teaching Pastor & Guest Speaker: Mark Clark

If there is one thing we’re continually learning from this series in David, it’s that there really is no middle of the road when it comes to how we live our life. It’s a decision we all make – you live life your way, or you live it God’s way. Are you willing to get to the place where you don’t need to control the outcome?

Larry Osborne - July 30, 2022

30 - The Worst Dad Ever: How To Fail Parenting 101

David: 1st & 2nd Samuel

David’s life was like a Six Flags roller-coaster with extreme God-given highs and extreme self-inflicted lows. Today we’ll learn what not to do from one of his lowest lows, the sad parenting gone wrong.  Video available on YouTube at - Live Notes available at

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