Desert Rat Experience Men’s Weekend

DESERT RAT 2020:  January 24-26

COST: $70 adult, $50 for 18 yrs old and under

Registration includes 4 Refuel Sessions around the fire pit, a Poker Run, two breakfasts & a MAN Dinner, a Desert Rat T-shirt, Desert Swag Prizes, and an Epic Weekend with hundreds of guys in the dirt!

We are looking forward to a great weekend in the desert!
Please look below for the details about the location, schedule and what to bring.


Walk-up registrations at the event are welcome (payments by cash, checks or credit cards), but will not guarantee a t-shirt or meals.



The Desert Rat Experience is a man’s weekend designed for guys who are into all kinds of off-roading and desert adventure. There’s just something about riding or driving motorcycles, quads, rails and 4x4s with a bunch of guys who consider the desert a big playground.

You can count on lots of riding time, a poker run, three hot meals with lots of meat and some short worthy messages with our Refuel sessions that will get you pumped about being a Real Man at Desert Rat!

If you don’t have an off-road vehicle or 4×4, you will need to find a friend who has an extra bike or an extra seat belt. We will not be providing any vehicles, bikes or lodging.

You don’t need to know anyone to come. Email for more info.

Need Some Gear?

Once again RideNow SoCal (formerly North County House of Motorcycles) and NCY-Motorsports has set us up with a 20% discount on parts and accessories (does not include labor or unit purchase). Just say “North Coast Church Desert Rat” when you make a purchase along with a huge “Thank You!”
*discount ends 2/1/20 

Our Base Camp is located in Ocotillo Wells area across the road at County Line Road turn off.


Get Map Here


Getting to Ocotillo Wells:

  • Take Hwy 15 North
  • Exit and turn right on Hwy 76 East (you will pass Lake Henshaw on your left).
  • Turn left on 79 North
  • Turn right on S2 (S2 ends at Hwy 78)
  • Turn left on Hwy 78 to Ocotillo Wells SVRA

Getting to Desert Rat Campsite:

As you enter Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Area going east on Hwy 78…

  • Drive 3.1 miles past Split Mountain Road to County Line Road (if you see the Blue Inn turn around, you went too far).
  • Turn right and enter by driving between two cut-off telephone poles on dirt road and follow signs to base camp approx .03 miles. County Line Road will be on the left.
  • Google Maps Link:
  • Coordinates: 33°07’40.4″N 116°04’55.6″W


  • You are responsible to know and follow the rules and regulations at Ocotillo Wells SVRA as they relate to vehicle registration, speed, lights, mufflers, firearms, fireworks, fires, parental supervision and helmets. You can get further details at
  • The Desert Rat Experience is an alcohol free event.
  • Don’t bring firearms or fireworks; we are keeping it all legal.
  • We will set up a “no-ride zone” in our camping area and ask that you take any pit racing a good distance from camp.
  • Other than that, keep it safe and fun.

Note – this schedule will give you an idea of what we will be doing. It may change a little.  We are intentionally keeping things pretty unstructured so you can ride as much as you want.

Friday, January 24
5:00-8:00pm Scheduled Arrival Time
5:00-8:00 Check in / Registration
9:00 Orientation/Refuel Meeting  #1
10:00 Campfire, food

Saturday, January 25
7:00am Fire going and coffee on
7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Morning Refuel Meeting #2
9:45 Free time / Optional Poker Run
4:00 Draw cards for the Poker Run
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Award Presentation/Refuel Meeting #3
8:00 Campfire, food

Sunday, January 26
7:30am Fire going, coffee on
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Wrap up Refuel Meeting #4
10:00 Program ends – clean up

What to Bring:

  • Everything you need to live in the desert for a couple days (tent, trailer, sleeping bag, camping gear, etc…) We will not be providing any lodging, equipment or vehicles.
  • Appropriate gear and clothing for daytime heat and nighttime cold. (The desert can hit temperature extremes in either direction and wind and rain are always possibilities).
  • As many toys as you can fit in your trailer or toy hauler.
  • Fuel and tools for the toys (closest gas is on Highway 86 at Salton City – 25 miles.)
  • Food, water and beverages for the weekend. We will provide breakfast and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. Bring your own lunches and snacks.
  • Any safety or recovery equipment you would normally bring to the desert
  • Bible

Optional Gear:

  • GPS or compass may be helpful for the poker run.
  • CB or two way radio to communicate with other vehicles
  • Cell Phone


Call or email Lori with registration or payment questions.
Phone: (760) 724-6700 x252