A Race for Unity – Simulcast with Miles McPherson

Join us for this FREE simulcast with Miles McPherson on Saturday, September 15 from 9 to 11am.   Vista Campus will be hosting the simulcast in The Edge venue.

A recent increase in high-profile, racially-charged conflict has led well-meaning people to wonder what they can do to help alleviate racial tension in our churches, communities, and country. For one day, churches across the Nation will open their doors, partnering with other churches in the community to be a gathering place for conversation, learning, & healing.

In a straight-shooting, humorous style, Pastor Miles will ask soul-searching questions, and offer Biblical, practical, action-oriented steps that help us follow through on our good intentions, so that we can learn to honor, love, and enjoy “doing life” with our neighbors of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Race has divided our country right down to our churches, even the church community. The Church must do all it can to forge a new understanding and dialogue.