Fallbrook Support Local

Thank you so much for being willing to support our local community. We want to spread the hope of Christ by encouraging individuals, businesses and public services. We will be providing post cards and stickers to write notes of encouragement as you bless our community. As you do please post so we can see what’s happening with #NCCSupportLocal.

Let’s get out there and give them something GREAT to talk about.

Support Local Menu 

Please utilize our “Support Local” cards & stickers as you support our community.  To receive post cards simply pick them up at our Sunday Night Gathering, come by the office or we will be sending them to your Life Group Leader.

Here are some ways to do so…

Bless Local 

  • Meet with your Life Group at a local eatery for a meal and pool together a large tip to give to the waiter or waitress.
  • Make your next gift purchase at a Fallbrook Boutique or Shop.
  • Drop off a candy bar, baked good or gift card from a local coffee company with someone in the service industry.
  • Get coffee at Java Time or Fallbrook Coffee Co. and leave a tip larger than your purchase.
  • Pay it forward… Pay for the meal of the person behind you and give the cashier the North Coast Church Support Local card to give to person you paid for.
  • Leave out goodies on your front porch for delivery men and women
  • Make an appointment with someone in the beauty industry & tip generously
  • Get the kids involved…
    • Bring or drop off candy with your favorite teacher
    • Color a picture for your favorite coach, mailman, garbageman or babysitter
    • Drop off baked goodies for your local police or fire station
    • Open a lemonade or hot cocoa stand and donate proceeds to a local non-profit organization
  • Call the Fallbrook Food Pantry and ask what food items they are in need for you to donate
  • Do some of your grocery shopping at the Fallbrook Farmers Market (Saturdays from 11:00am-2:00pm off Main between Hawthorne and Fig)
  • Take a group to visit the Vineyard at 1924 and buy a pumpkin!

Encourage Local  

  • Use the provided card and sticker to write a note to leave with a teacher, policeman, firefighter, personal trainer, mailman, garbageman, librarian, fast food employee, park ranger, etc.
  • Create a work of art that celebrates the Fallbrook community to show your support!
  • Post to your social media kudos for a local organization, business or person
  • Drop off notes of encouragement and kindness to an elderly care facility