Vista Summer Classes – Thursday, June 29

Campus:  All Campuses, Vista

Classes, Couples, Finances, Parenting, Spiritual Growth

Hosted on Vista Campus

Gather your Life Group, friends and neighbors for a night filled with learning, fellowship, and growth! Join us for dinner in the Plaza with your church family before heading to the class of your choosing.  Childcare is available.

One Night – Seven Classes! Choose one:

Cost: $10
Have you ever misjudged a situation that appeared desirable but ended in disaster? Have you been betrayed by a friend, coworker, or love interest? We all face challenging, heartbreaking experiences that require us to make important decisions. Unlike worldly advice, God’s advice is perfect.

Using teachings from her book, Why Bad Looks Good, Dr. Wendy Patrick, career prosecutor, media commentator and ordained minister, will use biblical wisdom to improve your perception of the people and world around you and teach you how to:

  • Assess people and circumstances clearly and accurately
  • Identify healthy sources of power
  • Surround yourself with trustworthy people
  • Transform rose-colored glasses into reading glasses

Cost: FREE
Whether you just stepped up to follow Jesus or are a seasoned Christian, this class will identify your top spiritual gifts. Do you have the gift of helping people, the gift of leadership, or the gift of administration, or teaching? These are just 4 of the 22 gifts listed in the Bible that Life Groups Pastor Gary VanDerford will explore. There is a short spiritual gift quiz we will send you after you register, once filled out at home, bring the results into class. This will reveal your God-gifted purpose in life and impact others for eternity.

Cost: FREE
Marriage is an exciting part of life and serves as a living symbol for Christ’s love for His church. But why is something that special, and often well-thought out, sometimes so difficult? In this class, we will be looking at some of the common factors that most “rocky” marriages have, learn how to talk about them in ways that work, and discover how to utilize our faith in building a stronger marriage. Presented by Connor McFadden, North Coast Outreach Pastor, LMFT and his wife Bri. Together they are parents, missionaries and passionate about healthy marriages.

Cost: FREE
Looking for some way to simplify and maximize your finances? Join Eric Weight, North Coast’s Executive Pastor of Finance and Leadership Development, for our newest series – Rock Solid Finances. This course is grounded in the biblical belief that God owns everything and that we are called to be good stewards of the resources we have been entrusted with.  In addition to reviewing biblical principles of finance you will gain practical tools and strategies for creating a budget, setting financial goals, and managing debt.
You are welcome to come to any class of this three-part series, each class stands alone.  Register for additional upcoming classes:

Cost: FREE
Parenting is hard, in case you didn’t already realize it. Join us for evening to get spiritual guidance on all of your parenting questions by a panel of North Coast Pastors who are also parents. Whether you’re a new parent or navigating the transitions of parenting adult kids, our panel will represent parents from all stages of life. Ask us anything!

Cost: FREE
Have you ever wondered what the journey of adoption is like?  Join us for an evening of honest discussion with Christian families who have adopted children domestically, internationally and through the foster care system.  Bring your questions, concerns and curiosity to this open panel discussion.  Our hope is that you will leave with more understanding and encouragement as you navigate your own potential adoptive journey.

Cost: FREE
Self-harm or self-injury is often used as a way to manage intense emotional distress. At its core, intentionally hurting oneself is a coping mechanism. Led by Karen Keith, LMFT, and a team of licensed professionals, you can learn how you can identify the signs, when to address the behavior and how to walk alongside someone experiencing this suffering.

Check out additional classes offered on Thursday nights:

WHEN:  Thursday, June 29, 6:30pm

WHERE: Vista Campus, 2405 North Santa Fe Ave, Vista

CHILDCARE: Open to infant to 12 yr old.  Childcare must be reserved in advance; we cannot guarantee spots in our program for walk-ins.

DINNER OPTION:  Add on a dinner for adult ($10/person) or child ($5/person).  Dinner begins at 5pm in the Plaza.

QUESTIONS? Contact Vikki Almond at