Seder Dinner

Campus:  Vista

Adults, Senior Adults


Contact Renee Farnham at or 760-724-6700 x 258

The Last Supper was a Passover Seder. Jesus lived and died as an observant Jew who sought to fulfill God’s promises to the Jewish people, bring salvation to Israel, and the Nations. Every aspect of the Passover Seder points to Him. By celebrating Passover, we honor, remember and re-enact what He did with His disciples. We also connect to the Jewish roots of faith, and the people of Israel. This celebration allows us to gain a much deeper understanding of the person and work of the Messiah. The event includes a traditional sit down dinner plus the 15-steps of the Seder.

When:  Sunday, March 19 from 4:30-6:30pm
Where: North Coast Church, Vista in the Edge (2405 N Santa Fe Ave, Vista, CA 92084)
Cost: $40 per person includes event and dinner

Questions?  Contact Renee Farnham at or 760-724-6700 x 258