Staff Directory

These addresses are not to be used for any type of solicitation and are only provided as a convenience for North Coast Church attendees.

Office Phone: (760) 724-6700
Office Fax: (760) 724-9819
General Inquiries:

JD Larson
Campus Pastor
Ext 229

Connections – Visitor Info
Tina Greene
Director of Connections

Kelly Byers
Director of Connections

Welcome Dessert

Children’s Ministry

Coast Kids (K-5th)
Gina Sur
Children’s Pastor (K-5th)
Ext 238
Assistant: Barbara Ahnert
Ext 227

Leigh Lavenuta
K-1st Grade Director
Ext 229

Melissa Muche
2nd-3rd Grade Director
Ext 229

Nikki Stevens
4th Grade Director

For 5th Grade Questions
Gina Sur
Ext 238

Little Coasters (Birth- Pre-K)
Theresa Kidwell
Children’s Pastor (Infants through Pre-K)
Ext 282

Lisa Rueb
Ext 284

Tamara Drinkwater
Ext 285

Special Needs
Marcia Boeche
Special Needs Coordinator
Ext 204

North Coast Preschool
Main Office: (760) 330-9200

Theresa Kidwell
Children’s Pastor
Ext 282

Marcia Boeche
Ext 300

North Coast Childcare Team

North Coast Coffee House
Tyler Cable
Ext 101

Prayer Ministry
Nancy Ogomori
Ext 286

Student Ministries

The Jordan – Young Adults 18 – 25 years

Christopher Hilken
The Jordan Pastor
Ext 248

Andrew Polfer
The Jordan Worship

High School

Chris Hilken
11/12 High School Pastor
Ext 248

Austin Payne
9/10 High School Pastor

Junior High

Travis Sybert
Jr High Pastor
Ext 247

6th Grade

Erin Dougan
6th Grade Director
Ext 245

Cheyenne Adams
Ext 225

Adult Ministries

Men’s Ministry &
Special Interest Ministries
Dave Enns
Men’s Ministry Pastor
Ext 259

Singles Ministry
Union 2535

Harbor 35/50
Single Adult Ministry
Terry Murphy
Single Adults Pastor
Ext 264

Senior Adult Ministry
Paul Savona
Senior Adult Ministry Pastor
Assistant: Cathy Dicato
Ext 231

North Coast School of Ministry
Katie Johnson
Ext 265

Worship Ministry
Andy Na
Worship Pastor
Ext 201

Lynn Tsunekawa
Ext 212

Worship Venues

North Coast Live
Dave Enns
North Coast Live Pastor
Ext 259

Gary Vanderford
Traditions Pastor

Country Gospel
Dave Gish
Country Gospel Pastor

Soul Gospel/Early Bird
Ned Mervich
The Warehouse Pastor
Ext 258

The Message
Gary Vanderford
The Message Pastor
Ext 261

The Edge/Last Call
Russ Freshwater
Edge Pastor

Venue en Español
Rey Azofeifa
Spanish Venue Pastor
(Pastor del Venue en Español)
Ext 106

Adult Education
Vikki Almond
Ext 270

Office Staff

Rosanne Ashmore
Office Manager
Ext 217

Jane Frazier
Ext 191

Kip Strawbridge
Campus Pastor
Ext 111

Tracie Moss
Campus Pastor
Ext 118

Russ Freshwater
Worship Pastor

John Schad
Life Group Pastor
Ext 112

Cerena Clarke
Connections Director
Ext 110

Hayden Feindel
High School Pastor
Ext 130

Luke Cherry
Jr. High Pastor
Ext 114

Alexis Feindel
4th and 5th Grade Pastor
(760) 724-6700 x108

Nancy Johnson
Children’s Ministries Pastor
(760) 724-6700

Brette Sterk
REAL Women Director
Ext 379

Trent Jenkins
Campus Pastor

Taylor Osborn
Associate Campus Pastor
Ext 508

Paulette Camilo
Ext 500

Spencer Osborn
High School Pastor
Ext 503

Kristen Lascola
Middle School Pastor
4th and 5th Grade Director
Ext 504

Tamara Landes
Fallbrook Children’s Ministries Pastor
(760) 560-7416

Joshua Sazon
Worship Director

Chase Hartley
Campus Pastor

Marylin Ferguson
Office Manager

Sarah Slaven
Children’s Ministry Director
Ext 817

TJ McDaniel
Campus Pastor

Ramona Campus questions can be directed to:
Paula Tremayne
Ext 729

Paula Tremayne
Children’s Ministry, Life Groups & Assimilation
Ext 729

Gordy Nixon
Jr High Pastor

Anthony Barrozo
High School Pastor

Nate Tibbs
Rancho Bernardo Pastor
Ext 750

Carlie Hainline
Assimilation / Pastor Assistant
Ext 751

Alice Conole
Ext 752

Jason Diaz
Ext 756

Dante Gonzales
6th-12th Grade
Ext 754

Merle Hanks
Children’s Ministry Pastor
Ext 755

Jay Foulk
San Marcos/Escondido Pastor
Ext 600

Kylee Visser
Communications Director
Ext 605

Austin Visser
Operations & Life Groups
Ext 607

Brandon Vasquez
Young Families Life Group Pastor

Genny Weese
Life Group Administrative Assistant
Ext 606

Kristin Helton
Life Group Administrative Assistant
Ext 606

Lauren Henderson
Volunteer Coordinator

Johnny Mercuri
Worship Pastor

Mike Hodson
Union 2535

TJ Brooks
6th-8th Grade

Nate Ellis
9th-12th Grade

Ashlie Hufferd
Children’s Ministry Pastor
Ext 611

Lyn Anderson
Pastor of The Well, Women’s Life Groups

Pastor of Life Group Ministry
Dave Enns
Ext 259

Life Group Staff Contacts:


Care Ministry
Karen Keith
Member Care Coordinator / Counseling Referrals
Ext 239

Dr. Becky French Apana
Counseling Center Director
Ext 175

Dr. Susan Trueblood
Life Skills / Support Coordinator
Ext 187

Community Service
Connor McFadden
Community Service Pastor
Ext 260

Mary Bishop
Community Service Project Coordinator
Ext 234

North Coast Training

Valerie Hollister
Ext 227

Ferly Tangonan
Ext 228

Military Ministry
Tracy and Kevin Moss
Ext 380
Tracy –
Kevin –

Paul Savona
Missions Pastor
Ext 230

Annette Nelson
Missions Coordinator

Senior Adult Ministry
Paul Savona
Senior Adult Ministry Pastor
Ext 230
Assistant: Cathy Dicato
Ext 231



Kirk Jones
Executive Pastor of Operations
Ext 292

Charlie Bradshaw
Pastor of Leadership and Team Development
Ext 220

Human Resources

Norma Randant
Human Resources
Ext 277

Patti Delp
Human Resources Assistant
Ext 296

Finance Office
Stan Johnson
Business Administrator
Ext 237

Donna Detzel
Contribution Coordinator
Ext 289

Corey Bauer
Contribution Assistant
Ext 393

Joyce Warner
Director of Growth and Development

Scrip Team
Ext 154

Venue and Distributions Services
Jeanette Wallace
Ext 283

Paul Steusel
Ext 280

Facilities Management
Greg Matis
Ext 214

Debra Hamblin
Ext 215

Vikki Almond
Ext 205

Memorial Services
Susan Trueblood
Ext 187

Gayle Getz
Ext 253


Derek Geer
Executive Pastor of Production
Ext 251

Technical Production

Daniel Rhodes
Technical Director

Video Team

Steven Beyer
Video Team Director


Kaira Maybury
Communications Pastor
Ext 621


Cathy Stephens
Web Coordinator
Ext 222


Kurt Adams
Graphics Design Lead
Ext 219


Ashleigh Earnest