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Message #1

January 17-18, 2009
Dr Larry Osborne

Thriving In Babylon

It’s no easy thing to live a godly life in the midst of an increasingly godless society. But it can be done. Daniel shows us how. He not only survived, he thrived – and changed an entire empire while he was at it.

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 Daniel 1:1-21    Revelation 18:1-24

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 How Bad Was It? 

   Babylon: The personification of evil!

  Nebuchadnezzar: Raided God’s temple and put the 
      holy things on display in a demonic temple.

  Culture: Astrology & the occult were the government
      sponsored religion AND core curriculum in the schools.

  Daniel’s Dilemma:

  Kidnapped - Castrated & his name changed
      to honor Satan
  Forced to study the occult & serve an evil king.

Track 3 of 4


  Optimism – He knew that. . .
        Daniel 1:2    Romans 13:1-2    1 Peter 4:17    Romans 8:2835-39
        Matthew 16:18

  Even in Babylon, God is in control.
  Sometimes the short-term success of the wicked
      is God’s will.
  Panic and despair are not from God.

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  Humility – He knew that. . . 
        Daniel 1:8-14    Daniel 2:26-30    Daniel 4:19    Daniel 6:19-22
        2 Timothy 2:24-26

  Everyone deserves respect – even God’s enemies.

  Wisdom – He knew that. . .
        Daniel 1:4-817-20    Daniel 6:10    Acts 4:18-20

  There’s a big difference between what we don’t like 
      and what God forbids